Monday, 9 February 2015

Green MP Anna Grodzka to run for president of Poland

The left-wing coalition initiated by The Green Party and the Association FAIR Society has reached a decision to propose Anna Grodzka as a candidate in the elections for the President of Poland.

Anna Grodzka, deputy in the Polish Parliament and a member of the Green Party, is a candidate of the Green Party and the social left, elected by the Steering Committee “Primaries for the Society’s Candidate for the Polish President”. The Committee was established on January 24, 2015 by the members of fourteen organizations, including the Green Party, Association FAIR Society, The Humanistic Society, Free Radom, The Institute for Global Responsibility, The Stop-Stereotypes Association, The Modern Left, The Feminoteka Foundation, The Suwak (Zipper/Slider) Association, The Independent Institute of Social-Political Thought, The Polish Tenants Association, The Polish Society of Rationalists, The A.F. Modrzewski Foundation, and Ecological Association EKO-Unia.

The Committe works according to an open-ended formula, allowing all organizations and institutions which share the principles contained in the Program Manifesto adopted by the Committee to join in. The aim of the Committee was to propose a common candidate, a person who would offer a genuine left-wing alternative to the President now in office and to the candidates of the mainstream parties.

In the manifesto of the Committee the candidate is presented as a person who will actively protect the interests of the society, and will stop Poland being treated as the reservoir of cheap labour. The candidate will also defend the economic and social rights of the Polish people.  The aim is to create in Poland conditions for sustainable, harmonious economic growth and for social solidarity. The candidate of the social left is also interested in supporting energetic transformation of the Polish economy, in the direction of dispersed, prosument, renewable energy. But the main objective of the candidate is to invigorate and renew Polish democracy, to safeguard the secular character of the Polish state, to make the political system more transparent, and to secure true participation of Polish citizens in the process of political decision-making, while guaranteeing the influence of all citizens on the economy in accordance with workplace democracy.

The Committe agreed that Anna Grodzka will best represent the values of the social left in the forthcoming presidential elections, and will actively pursue the established goals.

During the Press conference, organized on February 13, 2015, at 12.00 noon in the headquarters of the Polish Press Agency (PAP ul.Bracka 6/8), the candidate appointed by the Committee, Anna Grodzka, will officially open her presidential campaign.

(Translation: Daniel Arciszewski)

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