Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Green events at the COP19

1. Energy transition - necessity or chance? Three cases: Germany, France, Poland
Thursday, 14 November

2. Citizens' energy for a good climate
Friday 15 November & Saturday 16 November

3. March for Climate and Social Justice
Saturday, 16 November

Energy transition - necessity or chance? Three cases: Germany, France, Poland

Thursday, 14 November, 2pm - 6:30pm
Warsaw, Poland, pl. Defilad (special temporary construction of the City of Warsaw)

In the face of resource depletion and advancing climate change, energy transition towards sustainable/low carbon energy is becoming a necessity. Such a transition can also be an opportunity - to increase economic competitiveness and create jobs, to improve the quality of life through a cleaner environment, etc. However, this process should be based on a large public debate, in which citizens are an equal partner in a comprehensive and transparent discussion on the future of energy and on the way of life we want to pass on to future generations.

The climate summit in Warsaw provides an opportunity to promote the energy transitions of EU pillar countries such as France and Germany.

For Germany, the abandonment of nuclear energy and the development of renewable energy are the most important. In France, the debate is ongoing, but the orchestration and ambition of the debate itself is worth promotion.  New ideas, like “circular economy," enter the debate to show that energy transition is just the beginning of profound systemic transformation that must happen in the future. Poland’s economy is based on coal, which is considered a national resource (even if more and more of the coal is imported). Poland’s transition to low-carbon energy seems to be possible mostly through energy efficiency, which we would like to promote.  We would also like to provide the Polish government the opportunity to share with the international public its ministerial vision of the energy future of Poland, in the context of climate change.

Source: http://energytransitioncop19.evenea.pl/


Citizens' energy for a good climate
A Greens/EFA participatory conference about Poland and its future

Friday 15 November & Saturday 16 November
Palace of Culture and Science (IVth floor), Warsaw, Poland

At the next COP19, all eyes will be on Poland. Not only will the country have the chance to lead the UN climate negotiations and play a key role on the international stage, it will also have an opportunity to weight in the debate about the future of the European Union itself. For this reason, the Greens/EFA group organise a debate with both the Polish citizens and activists from around the world. Our aim is to give everybody an opportunity to express their views about the Polish, European and global choices about the future.



March for Climate and Social Justice

Saturday, 16 November

This year’s international climate negotiations, the Conference of the Parties, take place in Warsaw, Poland, from 11 to 22 November. During the middle weekend, on Saturday 16th, there will be a march under the heading “Just transition and decent work”. To show the negotiators that we’re still watching and still care, to show that we will not accept false solutions and to demand an agreement that is ecologically sustainable and socially just.

The March will start in the afternoon from the Palace of Culture and Science, in the historical centre of Warsaw, and will end at the National Stadium where the negotiations take place.

To make sure we get as many people there as possible the Belgian network, Climate and Social Justice, is organizing a train to Warsaw, like we did in 2009 for the March in Copenhagen. The train will leave from Brussels Friday 15th in the afternoon and can make extra stops in Aachen, Köln, Berlin and Poznán to pick up passengers. We’ll be back Monday 18th, early in the morning.

The ticket price for a round trip will depend on the number of passengers: if there are 500 people it would be 150 euro, from 750 onwards it would be 100. There won’t be a train for less than 500 people so register now and help us make this possible! We need you to book a seat on the train and spread the word.  This won’t happen without you!

More information on: train.climatejustice.eu

Source: Pusheurope.org.

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